Week 5: April 28, 2013



Dear Amanda,

From the archive, here's another story that's in the wings and may never take flight: the brief but life-changing romance between Bob and Marie, who met at an assisted living facility in Merrillville, Indiana. 

If there's anything that brings you to mind it is hearing the voice of a man like Bob. 

At a certain point it seems irresponsible for stories like his to live only on my harddrive, and so I want to give Bob and his generous family a chance to be as moved as I was by his words. May we all be so lucky to find love like this, at whatever stage of the game. [Thank you  to Jennifer Brandel for the tape sync, Shea Shackelford for the audio production, and Mel and Sharon]. Here are some photos of Bob and Marie from Mel Barlow.