About I Made this for Us

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I Made this for Us is a weekly correspondence between photojournalist Amanda Lucier and audio reporter Mara Zepeda.

We’ve been friends and co-conspirators for over a decade. We’ve collaborated on assignments for the Virginian Pilot and National Public Radio. We got into journalism because we love stories, we love strangers, and we love telling each other about the stories and strangers we’ve found.  We make images and collect tape incessantly. Much of it is never broadcast or sees the light of day.  In an ideal world we would be neighbors and have side by side desks in a newsroom. The next best thing is to live thousands of miles apart and make work very much inspired by our affection for one another. 

I Made this for Us is an example of love-letter journalism. It is intended for an audience of one, but we’re grateful for others who want to open the envelope.